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First day of school

No matter how old you are, September feels like a new school year.  A time for change and new beginnings.  And trust me, I am ready it.

I am happy to announce that in a few days I will be starting my new job working in the prepared foods section at a popular health food store in a local area, which I adore.  This is a huge step for me.  Not only is this going to be a  learning opportunity, but who knows where it will take me.  The best part?  New recipe ideas =]

My job isn’t the only new thing happening this September, it also seems that we are making some progress on our home gym!  It has been over a year now that we have been trying to clean out our storage room to create a home gym.  Working out at home and ditching my gym membership would be a great way to save some cash, plus I wouldn’t have to drive anywhere.  Currently, we are on a search for a treadmill.  Because of my history of foot issues and shin splints, I want to find a treadmill that has great shock absorption, but doesn’t cost a fortune.  The F63   and F65 Sole Treadmills are the two that we have been looking at lately.  If anyone has any suggestions or experience buying a treadmill, PLEASE SHARE!!!

What is new in the kitchen?  Well this Monday will include some Labor, but trust me, it is welcomed!  We will be celebrating a Birthday for someone.  Trust me, they don’t want me to write their name, in fact, they won’t even like that I am blogging about it.  (But hey, thanks for reading!!)  The reason that I am mentioning it is because it will be a major foodie kind of day.  On the menu:  I am going to attempt fresh salsa.  We have a ton of tomatoes so I figured why not?  If you read my previous post, you know that I will be making Bison burgers, as well as turkey burgers.  K is in charge of the baked beans, as usual.  A green salad, and I am thinking of trying Bobby Flay’s recipe for German Potato Salad.  Dessert?  Someone is requesting a carvel cake, and it is rumored that Fudgie the Whale could possibly make an appearance =]

Even though I am sad to see summer end, there are a lot of new and exciting beginnings that are on the way.

What are your ‘new beginnings’ this September?


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