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When counting sheep doesn’t work

A high quality “whole foods” diet and exercise have always been what I rely on in order to feel my best.  But this summer I needed something more.  Feeling lethargic and unmotivated to do anything, I knew there was something missing.  That is when I discovered it, the life changing solution to all of my problems was found.  And the miracle cure is?  A really goodnight’s sleep

I have always considered myself a morning person, and that is still true!  I am much better at getting things done in the morning then I am later.  However, these last couple of years I would deprive myself of an hour or two of sleep in order to work out, and squeeze some extra time into my day.  Because I was feeling so tired, I decided to investigate and figure out how to get not only more sleep, but a higher quality of sleep.

It was Dr. Oz (of course) that taught me about Melatonin, a hormone that is made by the pineal gland (in the brain) that controls your sleep and wake cycles.  When exposed to light, the amount of Melatonin is reduced, causing us to wake up.  This light can be natural, or artificial.  But let’s start with natural.

Step 1: Darkening my Room

It was then that I noticed that when I woke up in the morning, the small amount of light that was sneaking through my window shades and under my door was distracting, keeping me away from that extra hour or two of snooze time.  What did I do?

  • Bought long, dark, brown window drapes.
  • It may sound cheep and ‘tacky’, but I use sticky tack to secure down the sides of my shades.
  • Using a blanket or towel block the bottom of my door, where light was pouring through.
  • Channeling my inner Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffanys) , I use a sleep mask.
Step 2: Limiting Artificial Light 
This one is tough for me, because I love using my laptop and watching my favorite tv shows and movies to relax at night.  But knowing that it can deplete my Melatonin, and effect my sleep, is motivation for me to limit my exposure, and pick up a good book.
Step 3: Drinking my Melatonin 
Did you know that Tart Cherry Juice contains a natural source of Melatonin?  I will drink to that!  That is why I recently started drinking a glass dinner, allowing time for the Melatonin to kick in!
Step 4: Magnesium
For myself, I find that taking a magnesium supplement before bed has improved my quality of sleep tremendously.  This is one step that I would do some research on.  I can tell you that I love this powdered form of magnesium called calm that you mix into warm water.  My favorite is the raspberry lemonade flavor =]
And the benefits to a good night’s sleep?  They are endless.  Just check out these Links.  They offer great articles on giving more tips on how to get a goodnight’s sleep, and the multiple benefits of catching some zzzzz’s.
Time to recharge
you with me?
stay natural & sleep well
♥ C