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I basically do whatever dr. oz tells me too.

Well, not necessarily.  However, I do believe he is an incredibly smart doctor that focuses and promotes the power of nutrition and natural supplements.  After catching a show the other day that talked about papaya, K has been obsessed with it!

The show we saw talked about papaya as an anti-cancer superfood, but it has also been featured on Dr. Oz’s show as a secret to Longevity.  All the information talked about on the show can be found through these links that will direct you to his show’s page.

Papaya is an interesting fruit.  I would say it is a cross between a cantaloupe and a mango, definitely a ‘tropical’ flavor.

Since it is not a popular fruit, I thought I would show you what it looks like!

After cutting it in half lengthwise, you will find a ton of little black seeds that can be easily scooped out.

The seeds are edible., but I wouldn’t recommend eating them straight.  They have a peppery taste, and are best used ground up in salad dressings.

As long as the seeds are gone, you can easily remove the skin, and cut the papaya any way that you would like!

Try papaya in your smoothie, or a fruit based salsa!

Link time!!

I really came across sooo many interesting articles this week!

This feature on Bison (Buffalo) meat was my favorite.  It is probably the best meat out there.  Lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than beef, pork, or skinless chicken, but higher in iron and B12!  PLEASE check out this article!

It is interesting to know how much exercise you really need.

Look at those nails and find out what they are saying about your health.

Still feeling sore after your workout?  Check out these tips.

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