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A couple of weeks ago, I started talking about soy products.  Even though my sensitivity stops me from consuming them, they are an amazing addition to a healthy diet.  Although tofu is the most common soy product, lets not forget the others!

Another soy product, tempeh is also a great source of vegetarian protein.  It is created by the fermentation of soybeans that are binded together to form a “patty”.  For a more in depth explanation, check out this wikipedia article.

Like tofu, tempeh can be marinated, and then cooked in any style that you would like!  However, the preparation is a little bit different.  By steaming the tempeh for about 10-15 minutes, the temeph will be able to absorb even more flavors.  Steaming tempeh also helps remove it’s “bitter” taste.

After the tempeh has been steamed, you can slice it, dice it, or use a fork and ‘shred’ it, creating a texture similar to

shredded tempeh and diced onion

ground beef.  Next, marinate it in whatever flavors you like! You can eat your tempeh cooked (either grill or pan fry your pieces of tempeh), or use them raw!  They are the perfect vegetarian protein to use in sandwiches/wraps, salads, or a stir fry.  If you decided to ‘shred’ your tempeh, it can be used to replace ground meat in any recipe.

Try tacos or use it in a tomato sauce.  VegWeb is a great resource for all kinds of vegan/vegetarian recipes.  Here is a link that goes directly to all of their tempeh recipes, and here  are some tempeh sandwiches!

Recently, I steamed and shredded some tempeh, marinated it in a little olive oil and Italian spices, and added it to my pan of sauted onion and garlic.  I then poured in some tomato sauce, and let it simmer for about 10-20 minutes.  This non-meat sauce was perfect paired with whole wheat pasta, and/or spaghetti squash (similar to my previous post!).

look mom, no meat!

 Do you think you are adventurous enough to give this one a try?

Stay Natural ♥ C


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