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Reese Witherspoon stole my look!

It is true.  Even though I am trying to cut back on my Hollywood gossip addiction,  a good friend of mine informed me that Reese Witherspoon is also rocking  a boot on her foot!  (Check it out)  Apparently she twisted her ankle,  I hope she has a speedy recovery!

Thankfully, and surprisingly, I have not gone completely crazy wearing this boot.  I am so lucky that a friend of mine (who lives very close to me) has an ‘endless’ pool that I have been swimming in.  They are amazingg, check out this video!

Plus, she also gave me an wonderful recipe for pasta sauce with no sugar, and no salt.  And it is delicous.  Does it get any better?

Not only has swimming kept me active, but I have also been getting my running fix with my aqua jogger belt that I ordered from amazon. If you are an injured runner, I HIGHLY recommend one of these. This flotation device keeps you afloat so you can literally run underwater. Not only does it fill my love for running, it is a no impact way to work on my form.  Aqua jogging is also great for some one who does not like running, or is just looking for a lower impact version of the sport.  Honestly, even after I have healed, I can see myself continuing to keep underwater runs in my work out.  How you run undwater is a little difficult to explain, so I thought I would bring in another youtube video.

So my last final is Tuesday, and then I am free!  This means more cooking, running, and blogging.  So stay tuned for more to come!

Stay Natural ♥C


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  1. Kitty Froster


    You’re just adorable … and YES,I’ll bet that Reese did in fact steal your look! Good luck on your last final. Keep blogging and cooking. Looking forward to more fun blogs and more delicious recipes.

    Love & best wishes,

    Your biggest fan & former 6th grade teacher (I’m so proud of you!)

    Kitty Froster


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