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My two favorite men

Living until the age of 96 is evidence in itself that fitness and a healthy diet is the key to longevity.  Jack LaLanne did more then care about his own health, he inspired others to do the same.  In fact, he totally changed the way Americans lived their lives.  Even though he passed away on Sunday, lets not forget the many things that we learned from him.  Fitsugar (a blog that I am a huge fan of) featured a wonderful article entited the 5 Things We Learned From Jack LaLanne.  The article also shares a recent interview (from cbs) with Jack that highlights his many accomplishments.  He truely was an amazing man.  Did you know that the “jumping jack” was named after him?

So who would my other favorite man be?  Dr. Oz.  His television program brings great advice to Americans everyday. Unlike some other doctors, Dr. Oz is not afraid of holistic or alternative medicine.  Although he believes that drugs may be needed is some cases, he is in favor of a healthy diet and lifestyle as your body’s first line of defense.  I was more than excited to catch his show today and see his short segment on the benefits of coconut oil.  A product that I have been a fan of for a while.  To learn about three of the many benefits of coconut oil, click on both of these links from Dr. Oz’s website:

It may be freezing outside, but don’t forget to keep checking my blog!  Soup is on it’s way…

Stay Natural

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