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“I said remember this moment…

“I said remember this moment…

…In the back of my mind”

So maybe Taylor Swift wasn’t thinking about exercise when she wrote this one (Long Live).  But today, that is exactly what I am going to relate it to!  After trying to talk myself out of my morning workout, I finally toughened up and went through with it.  And now?  I feel amazing!  So next time I am trying to wimp out, I will remember just how good I feel right now.

After a good workout, there is nothing I love more then an amazing lunch!  You may only think of having eggs for breakfast or brunch, when really, they are good for any meal of the day!  I once herd someone say, “As long as you have eggs in your house, you always have a healthy meal on hand”.  Today, I had all of the fixings necessary for a South Western Omelette!

I started by cooking onions and red bell peppers in a pan (on medium heat) with a little olive oil.

Next, I tossed the vegetables in bowl, added eggs (2 eggs, or 1 egg and 2 egg whites), and about a tablespoon of milk. (You can also use water. Neither of them are necessary ingredients, but I think that it makes a better omelette.)

After scrambling the mixture, I added it back to the pan to start to cook.  Once the eggs began to turn to a solid, I added black beans on one side of the omelette.  This time, I tried adding refried beans.  It was a little messy to do, but very tasty!  You could also add some cheese on top of the beans at this point.  Then, I used a spatula to flip the other half of the omelette over the bean mixture & covered the pan.

Once it was done, I had salsa and pieces of avocado on the side.

Between the protein provided by the eggs and beans, the fiber from the beans and avocado, and the fat found in the egg and the avocado, I was definitely satisfied.

Any other omelette success stories?

Stay Natural

♥ C


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