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So after the first week of 2011, I am happy to say that I have already started on my resolutions.  As I stated in my previous post, my work out routine was about to change by adding the p90x dvds.  This past week ended up being a little crazier then I thought.  So it became what I call my “preview week” of the 90 day program.  I wasn’t always able to do the full dvd everyday, but completing at least 60% of each work out gave me an idea of how many reps I was able to do, which weights I would need to be using, and how much time I need to give myself in the morning to complete my workouts.  What is so amazing is that even though I was not able to complete every dvd, my muscles are still aching!!!

No matter how hight the intensity of your workouts are, starting a new workout program is not easy.  So I thought I would share a few tips!

1.  Look good to feel good. It sounds pretty superficial, however if you purchase workout gear that you are excited to wear, you are more likely to put it to use!  A couple days before Christmas the Gap was having a hugeee sale, making their workout clothing more affordable, which make my workouts a little more bearable.  Stores like TJmaxx and Marshalls usually have a good selection of name brand sports wear at a great price!

2.  Good Tunes. Even though there are televisions on the cardio machines at my gym, I will not set foot on one of them with out my ipod in my hand.  Studies have shown that music can improve your performance and endurance during a work out.  My go to songs lately have been Dog days are Over by Florence and the Machine, Raise your Glass by P!NK, and “Forget” You by Cee Lo Green (Remember my resolution not to curse?  This song makes it difficult because I am literally singing it on the treadmill!)

3. Switch it up! That is one of the things I loveee about p90x.  Everyday is a different workout.  Not only do you never get bored, but it keeps your body guessing!  It also makes it easier when I am struggling to make it through.  I just think, “You won’t have to do this again until next week!”

4.  Yummy post workout fuel. Don’t you just adore a good post workout snack?  Well, maybe its just me.  Not only does is taste good, but having a combination of protein and carbohydrates after a workout helps your muscles recover.  If I am on the run, I can always count on something simple like a greek yogurt and an apple.  Lately I have been into making protein shakes with banana, peanut butter, almond milk, and either a high quality whey protein powder or a high protein food like yogurt or cottage cheese.  Delicious!

5.  Do whats right for you. Some of us do better working out in the morning, others enjoy evening workouts.  Some can eat a big breakfast before,  and some do better with just a light snack.  The point is, find out what is right for you, and stick to it.  I know that I perform at my best when I wake up early, have my favorite breakfast of fresh vegetable juice, whole wheat pancakes (check out my recipe here), a little bit of coconut oil, plain yogurt and ground flaxseeds.  Even though getting myself through this morning routine isn’t always easy,  I know how good I feel afterwards and throughout the rest of my day.  So like I said, find what is right for you, and stick to it.

6.Treat yourself. Working out isn’t easy.  It takes hard work and dedication.  So every so often, reward yourself!  Purchase a good book or magazine, get a pedicure/manicure, buy some new music, see a movie, whatever floats your boat.  Me?  I just treated myself to a new winter jacket, that should be arriving any day now!

So those are a few of my tips, can anyone add a couple more to my list?

Or check out these eating and exercise tips from the mayo clinic.

As always,

Stay Natrual

♥ C


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  1. Did you ever know that you’re my Hero?

  2. Awww, I can remember after I did this workout program I would hurt for days!!! But in a good way 😉 After the legs and back I couldn’t get out of bed or use the washroom……eeeekk. Me and squats have this relationship!



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