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This is my confession….

Hi, my name is Cassie, and I am a health food freak who has fallen off the path, and into the tightly griped hands of…holiday junk food.  Yes, I am sure many of you right now are saying, okay, so have I.  And yes, it is not like I am eating cookies for breakfast, candy canes for lunch, and hot chocolate for dinner, while doing nothing but watching Christmas movies all day.  However, with the stress of the end of the semester, Christmas quickly approaching (which I am not ready for), and the cold weather, I have been slowly straying away from my usual eating and gym habits.

So where do I go from here?  Well, the first step to solving your problem is admitting it.  Check.

The second step, change.  One of the best ways to diminish junk food cravings is juicing fresh vegetables and fruits.  Starting my day with vegetable juice makes me feel amazing.  Not only does juicing help my appetite, but it makes my skin glow, and gives me a ton of energy.  Unfortunately in the winter I tend to stray away from my juicing habit, I guess I associate it more with summer.  I don’t know why, because this is the time of year when I could use it the most!

Along with drinking fresh pressed juices, taking in at least 8 glasses of water everyday keeps your body from confusing thirst with hunger.  Preventing the intake of unnecessary calories.

Another great way to help with sweet cravings is to add sweet winter root vegetables to you diet.  Pumpkin, sweet potatoes, squashes (acorn, butternut), provide a natural sweet flavor, a huge serving of vitamin A, and a great source of fiber!  Check out my posts on roasting vegetables, and adding pumpkin to your oatmeal!

Speaking of fiber, eat some!  It keeps you full and helps eliminate toxins.  Check out my last post for all of the benefits of fiber, as well as how to cook beans!

To transition your taste buds to stray away from holiday sweets, start making your own healthier treats.  Recently I made a version of fitsugar’s carrots breakfast cookies (which I posted about a couple of months ago).  This time I used pumpkin pure and grated apple.  Another fitsugar recipe I have been playing with is whole wheat biscotti, by using all whole wheat flour, 1/4 cup of chopped walnuts, a 1/2 cup of raisins, throwing in some cinnamon and nutmeg, and not using any sugar.

To make sure you always have a healthy option on hand (for those weak moments!) throw some of these healthy desserts in your freezer so they can be defrosted at any time.

Even though it is a busy time of year, try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.  Not only will exercise burn off some of those extra calories, it will help tame your appetite.

So tomorrow, after an amazing night sleep, I will wake up to a fresh cup of vegetable juice, and then go kick my own but at the gym.  Looks like I am on my way to recovery.

Happy Holidays and Stay Natural

♥ C


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  1. Hahaha, you are too funny 😉 I unfortunately have been eating cookies for breakfast 😉 While starting a bakery I find myself nibbling all day long to see how each batch changes over days!! EEEKKK!

    I totally think it is important to amp up the veggies during this time of year to compensate for the overindulgence that we are allowed to have once a year 😉 I know I love it!

    Keep up the great inspiring work!



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